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Why SBLs Are Vital To The Success Of A School
Episode 18th April 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Vicki Manning, Headteacher, talks about her amazing School Business Manager, how they have built a strong relationship & why the School Business Manager role is essential to the success of a school.

The episode at a glance:

[2:31] Listen to why Vicki's SBM is a pivotal part of the team.

[6:42] – Learn how Vicki’s relationship with her SBM developed over time and how they work together day to day.

[12:05] Listen as Vicki talks about the teacher/support staff divide and how she approaches it as Headteacher.

[15:59] The key ingredients of Vicki's strong relationship with her SBM revealed!

[19:32] Vicki talks about how she line manages her SBM differently to her SLT

[20:36] – Vicki talks about the importance of CPD for her SBM and in particular, the impact that coaching has had

[23:11] Learn how coaching has affected Vicki’s relationship with her SBM

[26:30] Vicki gets super-specific about the value her SBM adds to her school and why she believes all Heads should spend time investing in and developing not only the role but the relationship

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If you’re a School Business Leader…

-       How to choose the right coach for you

-       What course or CPD should you do next

-       How to build your confidence

If you’re a Head…

-       CPD for your School Business Manager

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