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How to protect your pet business from copycats with Debbie Humphreys
Episode 1219th June 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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What would you do if someone copied your pet business? 

That’s what happened to Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs, not once but TWICE.

The first time was a department store who copied knitting kits she’d made for dog jumpers.

The second was someone who ripped off her entire product, buying her designs, and using the exact pattern.

In this episode Debbie shares what it’s like to find out you’ve been copied, and how to take action to protect yourself.

She talks about the emotional impact and what she’s doing to take on the copycats, campaigning to the Government to support businesses.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.24 - Introduction to Debbie and her pet business.

2.30 - Debbie's first experience of copying.

7.06 - How she took action and had the copying by a HUGE department store stopped.

12.02 - What happened when her designs for coats were spotted on Etsy.

13.09 - Taking action and getting abuse from the person who copied her.

17.04 - The legalities around copying.

21.55 - How the copying has affected Debbie emotionally.

26.10 - Why the copycats will never win.

27.39 - Her thoughts on why people copy and how it's been made acceptable.

34.06 - Debbie's advice for any pet businesses who want to protect their work.

42.24 - How Debbie is calling for the Government to do more.

43.32 - What's next for Debbie and where to find out more.

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