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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 8, 5th May 2020
Four levels of consciousness in business and how to access them
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Four levels of consciousness in business and how to access them

There are different levels of consciousness you can do business from. You can choose between struggle and ease, hustle and effortlessness. And shifting your consciousness helps you to get from one end to the other.

Those four levels of consciousness I am explaining to you are derived from a model that Peter Sage introduced - an international serial entrepreneur. 1. You can do business from a level of 'everything happens to me' and 'I am the victim of my circumstances'.

2. You can go into hustle mode and become the achiever.

3. A next level would be where you act upon intuition and invite long periods of flow states into your daily business.

4. And even further on you can learn to access a high state of oneness and deep connection, where things don't happen through you but as you. 

Listen to this podcast episode to learn how to tap into those different levels of consciousness and create massive ease, effortless, joy and synchronicities! 

Much love and enjoy!




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