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167. Cybersecurity is everyone’s business, with Clar Rosso
Episode 16714th February 2022 • Future-Proof • Business Learning Institute
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Cybersecurity is more important than ever before. This is not just something that business leaders have to worry about. Everyone, from the top to the bottom of your organization, is responsible for cybersecurity.

Clar Rosso is the CEO of (ISC)^2, or ISC squared, as it’s written. They bill themselves as the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organization. They have more than 160,000 certified members throughout the world, and they’re committed to helping their members learn, grow, and thrive so they can help keep all of us a little safer. Before joining (ISC)2, she worked in communications for the California Society of CPAs and as an executive with the American Institute of CPAs.

She helps us understand just how big the threats are; what businesses should be doing to protect themselves, their employees, and their clients; and what remote employees should be doing to protect their employers.

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