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296. Moving from Fear to Freedom with Laura Frederick
Episode 29613th December 2021 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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Starting your own practice isn’t something they teach in law school. Join me as I sit down with legal professionals to hear firsthand accounts of just how they did it.  

Today, my guest is Laura Frederick. Laura is a solo practitioner and entrepreneur. She comes out of big law and out of the commercial world, with most recently stopped at Tesla, of all great places to work. She started her practice to deal with contract law and writing contracts in a way that's a little more achievable or understandable to clients. Along those lines, she has a hugely active LinkedIn community, has written a book that's available on Amazon, and, more importantly, has started a platform called How to Contract where one can hone in on the practical applications of contract writing and development, and make that a resource available to attorneys, to law firms, to businesses, and to vendors in particular. 


In this episode, Neil and Laura discuss:

  • The intersection of contract law and entrepreneurship. 
  • Understanding what you want out of your career. 
  • Listening to feedback from your social media audience to understand what they are looking for as you connect. 
  • Creating genuine content for your social media marketing and platforms.


Key Takeaways:

  • Regular jobs can be riskier than controlling your own career. It’s all in your hands when it is all yours and the eggs are no longer in one client basket. 
  • Understanding your niche and where you can expand can change how you look at your business.
  • Showing people you are an authority will help to bring in the type of clients that you are looking for. 
  • Repurposing your social media content into a book is a great way to give yourself immediate authority, even to those who haven’t read the book. 


"Whenever it's all about you, you get all your paranoia and all your fears mixed in and stop that creative cycle. When I focused on how I can help other people - what do I know?  What can I share? - then the ideas flow, because you're not blocked by all your self doubt." —  Laura Frederick


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