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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 80, 4th July 2021
Ep 80: How to Build Muscle Faster and Smarter with Bodybuilder Michael Lexner
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Ep 80: How to Build Muscle Faster and Smarter with Bodybuilder Michael Lexner

What should you be doing if you’re looking to pack on more muscle in shorter periods of time, while not being in pain and feeling your absolute best? Joining me on the show this week is a good buddy of mine, Michael Lexner, who is currently training hard to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. A lot of us may not be training to step on a stage; however, a lot of us ARE interested in packing on muscle and building hypertrophy. Dive in with us as we discuss Michael’s biggest challenges, lessons, takeaways, and most importantly, the changes he has made in his programming during his time bodybuilding.

The main topic of this episode is to discuss the importance of quality exercise selection and not being married to the implement, but instead picking the right exercise for the desired outcome. We share our tools and strategies for choosing the right exercise in your programming and knowing what equipment to use (and not to use) in order to target the specific muscle group. Michael and I jump from exercise selection to discuss the necessity of moving load to actually make your muscles bigger; it’s important to ensure you are set up properly, so that you can control the weight without failure in the actual form. We then close out the episode with our training pet peeves and how they drive us insane in the gym.

 Listen in if you have a goal to pack on more muscle in the most effective way possible and to hear Michael share his top hypertrophy training recommendations. You’ll be able to take all of this and more to implement it in your own future training and programming.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [04:05] An introduction to Michael Lexner
  • [07:26] The trigger that sent Michael on this hypertrophy, bodybuilding route
  • [10:00] Front end of the bodybuilding journey
  • [13:02] Progressive overload scheme
  • [17:01] The importance of exercise selection
  • [17:47] Don’t be married to the implement
  • [22:29] Picking the right exercise
  • [26:18] Barbell squat versus hack squat
  • [30:19] The necessity of moving load
  • [33:40] Finding confidence in your technique
  • [38:15] Basic concepts of complexity
  • [40:05] Gym pet peeves


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