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Flies In The Jar - EP #10 – Time Is On Our Side
Episode 105th April 2021 • Flies In The Jar • Deep Drag
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Elsa makes a new friend named, Chartreuse while Sanchez and Melody play drinking games.

Join us for the second half of the first season of Flies In The Jar, a serialized radio-drama based on true events.

This episode stars: Jon Jeffers, Lady Zen, Clara Dunham, Martin James Grapengeter, Maëlle Jayet, Jocelynn Sunrise, David Galitzky, Mittie Rogers, Pedro Gonçalves, Jason Wellner, Ashley Frazier, and Morgan Blair.

Written and Created by Nathan Feuerberg.

Special Thanks to our patrons for supporting us: Tina Buche, Adam Fauser, and Marsha Filbin 

Music and Sound Effect Credits:

Thanks to voxlo and flsouto for our theme song which uses the loops “Voodoo” and “Hell Awaits Part 10”.

“Round and Round” by Joshua Holloway

"Canadian Prison Blues" edited by Nathan Feuerberg with loops: Rise And Decay 21 by flsouto, LoFi RnB Electric Guitar 1 by flask, and Overnight Vocals Part 2 Of 2 by killacamsos

"Look At Me" edited by Nathan Feuerberg with loops: Milk Seduction and Look At Me by Nightingale, Angelic Vibes 8 Abelouis by abelouis, and Strings Universal - The First Call by MINOR2GO

A full list of all the SFX, Music, and loops with credits can be found at




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