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How to manage coagulopathies in critically ill patients
Episode 710th May 2023 • ESICM Talk • ESICM
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Coagulopathy is a severe and frequent complication in critically ill patients, for which the pathogenesis and presentation may be variable depending on the underlying disease.

Therefore, a review has been conducted to differentiate between hemorrhagic coagulopathies, characterised by a hypercoagulable and hyperfibrinolysis state, and thrombotic coagulopathies with a systemic prothrombotic and antifibrinolytic phenotype, based on the dominant clinical phenotype. 

Dr Julie Helms, our podcast guest, will explain more about the review and discuss the differences in pathogenesis and treatment of the common coagulopathies. 

Original paper: How to manage coagulopathies in critically ill patients


Julie HELMS. Université de Strasbourg (UNISTRA), Faculté de Médecine, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg (FR).

Ahmed ZAHER. Oxford University Hospitals (UK). NEXT Committee member, ESICM.