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TCA Ep906: Andy From The Nita Beer Company On The 2021 Ontario Craft Holiday Beer Calendar & The State Of The Industry
25th November 2021 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Guys! We've made it here once again. It's time to discuss the amazing craft beer advent calendar created by the Nita Beer Company right here in Ottawa. That means it's time to turn to long time friend of the show Andy Nita from the Nita Beer Company!

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So much to get to on this one including how the pandemic has impacted small craft brewers, which changes to the beer industry are permanent and what might disappear, which strategies have been successful when it comes to managing this new world, this year's edition of the extremely popular craft beer advent calendar and tons more.

Every year this is one of our favourite and most popular episodes as you get yourself excited for the advent calendar. And as always we're so glad to have somebody like Andy Nita onboard to help guide us through it.

Visit the Nita Beer Company at 190 Colonnade Road in Ottawa or visit their website at

You can still get yourself one of their advent calendars at

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