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350 | Reparenting Yourself For Success
Episode 3504th October 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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It’s another live coaching session with another fantastic listener and today, Cayla is diving into the need to reparent yourself. These episodes are so valuable and impactful not only to the guest but to those of you listening in. Sometimes, listening to other people’s struggles gives us clarity on what’s holding you back. Is that the case for you today? Today, Erin Gerner joins Cayla for a coaching session about her readiness to level up. Erin is a lawyer and has a network marketing business. She is passionate about what she does, but she is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Where did she learn to be a perfectionist and why is her inner child holding her back? Let’s find out how Erin can move forward by reparenting herself to heal and move forward in her success.

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You will learn:

  • [2:26] - Cayla has been following Erin on social media for a long time and loves her content.
  • [3:43] - Welcome to the show, Erin! What inspired Erin to want a coaching session with Cayla?
  • [4:40] - Leaders take brave action every day and figure out the “how” later.
  • [5:49] - Erin shares what would be the best outcome in the next 90 days.
  • [6:51] - Erin explains how she grew her business by being “out there” as a social butterfly. Covid certainly changed things for her.
  • [8:50] - Erin has had to release her expectations on others in some ways.
  • [10:12] - Network marketing is hard in the sense that you do have to depend on other people who may not follow through.
  • [11:10] - Erin is a high achiever, former lawyer, and perfectionist.
  • [12:39] - Although she had a great childhood, Erin needs to reparent herself because she learned that what she wants isn’t good enough.
  • [14:33] - Cayla advises Erin to be her inner child’s parent.
  • [19:08] - Erin shares her physical reaction and her anxiety.
  • [21:14] - Erin connects with her inner child and what she needs to feel free.
  • [22:53] - Cayla explains how to be in a relationship with your physical feelings of anxiety.
  • [23:58] - Erin makes a point to do things with her children that will help them to avoid anxiety but she doesn’t do them for herself.
  • [24:47] - Question your anxiety. Usually, it is something other than anxiety.
  • [26:14] - Don’t bypass your feelings. Accept them and work with them to heal.
  • [27:27] - What kinds of people should Erin bring on to her business?
  • [29:31] - Cayla describes Erin’s Instagram and her awesome use of reels.
  • [31:09] - Cayla gives Erin a 30-day plan to go hard on focusing on streams of income.
  • [33:23] - Your marketing language matters.

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