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Revelation -- 20
Episode 204th March 2021 • The Book of Revelation • Michael Joseph Mouawad
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The Book of Revelation #20

In this final section of the sixth seal we witness a great multitude that cannot be numbered who come in praise of the One who sits on the throne and the Lamb.

Is this multitude the Church Triumphant of the saints in heaven? Is this a scene from the end times? If this is so, then it includes St. John. Does he see himself walking amongst this great multitude? Could it be that the literal meaning here is about something different, something more familiar that involves us all? Something we, as Catholics, take part in Sunday after Sunday?

What is the true power of the Liturgy? Do you know what you are doing when you go to Mass?


  • Are the 144,000 and the great multitude one and the same?
  • Why do they carry palm branches? Why do we carry palm branches on Palm Sunday?
  • How is this related to the Feast of Dedication (Hannukah) and the Feast of Tabernacles in the Temple of Jerusalem?