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How to Reclaim Christmas When Deconstructing with Becka Robinson
Episode 1714th December 2022 • Touchy Subjects Podcast • Erin Billings
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In this episode, Becka Robinson shares how you can reclaim Christmas after leaving organized religion.

Becka is going to be hosting a session, Reclaiming Rituals: Christmas & Yule at A Deconstructed Holiday Sunday, December 18 at 7pm. Register for free here:

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Becka Robinson is a writer, award winning artist, executive coach and guide for those looking to connect deeply to meaning outside of religion and find ways to reclaim their sense of self and power.

Her current work revolves around themes of self discovery, sensuality, deconstruction and reclamation as she helps guide sensitive souls through navigating and integrating their growth and spiritual healing journeys.

She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two children.




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