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40. How New York Yankees Greats Like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter Apply Focus to Win with Dana Cavalea (Part 1)
Episode 4022nd May 2017 • The ONE Thing • Nova Media
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What does it mean to have focus at a professional level? Dana Cavalea was the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the New York Yankees when they won the 2009 World Series, and he has worked directly with some of the greatest baseball players in the world. In this episode, he shares how professional athletes - and high achievers like you - can live a life of greater focus.    

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

High performers live and die by their routine. We often look towards others to create our routine, but the greatest players develop one that is right for them through years of experience. We want you to create a routine that is healthy for you. What are the things that need to happen for you to have an exceptional day?  

In this episode you will learn...

  • [10:20] How the elite separate themselves from everyone else (and how you can too).
  • [11:00] What the best athletes have in common.
  • [13:15] How business owners can perform like a Hall of Famer & succeed in the long-term.
  • [18:10] Why high achievers are comfortable with rejection and failure.
  • [19:10] How successful athletes maximize their focus.  


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