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Jay Fairbrother
Episode 1258th January 2022 • The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast • Michael Whitehouse
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Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, coach and consultant with 30+ years of experience in starting, scaling, buying and selling businesses. He is a licensed Sales Coach and Sales Trainer, as well as a Peer Group Facilitator. Jay is also the Executive VP of Chapters for the Global Leaders Organization (GLO), and his job is to recruit Chairs and start Chapters all over the world.

Jay’s story includes losing everything in the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the ashes.

He has years of experience presenting online, doing webinars to sell products and services and in being interviewed for various publications and media. He knows how to add value to listeners and engage them with stories and anecdotes. Jay also offers affiliate commissions for his products and services.

Jay's focus now is on helping entrepreneurs profit more... period. Whether through improving sales skills to convert more prospects already in the pipeline, or through making small incremental changes that can have a huge impact on profits, Jay customizes his coaching and consulting with each business owner based on their goals. More growth usually means more headaches. More profits can mean more money in your pocket or more personal freedoms or making the world a better place or selling your business... but none of that happens without Profits.

His WHY derives from reinventing himself and committing to helping other entrepreneurs avoid his failures, mistakes and lessons learned.

His mission over the next decade is to help 100 entrepreneurs to each add six-figures in profits to their businesses.

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