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Interview With Audiologist And Parent Coach, Dr. Lilach Saperstein – Part 2
Episode 8026th May 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the conclusion of my interview with Dr. Lilach Saperstein. If you missed the first part, Lilach and I discuss everything from the science behind hearing/sound to properly using sound effects in your marketing material to make it more accessible for people with hearing loss. In this part, we dive into more of the audio branding side of things and how you can help make things easier for anyone you know who might have hearing loss. 

In this interview, we discuss:

  • The possibility of ASMR helping with tinnitus
  • The fascination with ASMR in general
  • A previous podcast guest who was an expert in ASMR
  • A recent ad Liliach experienced with ASMR
  • Knowing your target audience
  • The evolution of the short snippets of music on TikTok
  • Certain types of music or bands that make us feel different emotions
  • Intentionally adding in white space to your audio advertising
  • My main purpose for starting this podcast - bringing awareness to the importance of audio branding
  • Trends moving toward paying attention to audio
  • Advertisers having the host read the ad to feed into the connection already made
  • The ease that audio gives to do multiple things
  • The rise of clubhouse and devices that are merely audio (Google Home, Alexa, etc.)
  • The lack of the visual with a device
  • Why companies have moved to creating their own sound
  • What you really need to create an audio brand
  • Auditory processing
  • How kids are affected by audio and the effects on auditory processing
  • The way the message can get mixed up in your brain
  • Some of the main struggles with older people
  • Mis-diagnosed kids with ADHD who actually have a hearing/processing problem
  • The way hearing aids work
  • What hearing aids can’t do
  • Tips to use when communicating with people who have hearing aids
  • Rephrasing with people who are struggling to understand you
  • The individual process of figuring out your individual hearing loss
  • Counselling people who have hearing loss and their loved ones
  • The work Lilach does with her clients and families
  • The power of your auditory sense
  • Taking care of your auditory sense - calm relaxing music or sounds you enjoy
  • Pay attention to the sounds/words that bring your joy
  • If you have any concerns about your hearing, see an audiologist 
  • The ways to get in contact with Lilach

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