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Episode 28th February 2024 • Comedy Confession Booth • The Comedy Clubhouse
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Irish comedian Kyla Cobbler steps into the Comedy Confession Booth to talk about her journey from Irish Instagram blogger to selling out the Cork Opera House, from stage fright to dating.


Jamie Lerner 0:02

Yeah, no like okay, we're not recording out we're not recording. Okay. I'm gonna start this oh wait. Okay, that is the recording video. Great. Nice er that okay, we're on. We're on we're on this journey Welcome to we came up with a name Tommy, comedy confession booth.

Kyla Cobbler 0:30

Oh I love it very Catholic he is very mass very suited to the situation at hand exactly.

Jamie Lerner 0:37

I'm trying to citation isn't you know I never heard that word and that's a good word. Good word. Um Well welcome to the comedy confession booth Kyla cobbler. Thank

Kyla Cobbler 0:50

you for having me. Jamie Lerner, I'm sorry for my tardiness.

Jamie Lerner 0:53

Oh no that's okay. Always wait and I never leave. I was like she forgot.

Kyla Cobbler 0:58

I forgot I completely forgot. I didn't even have an excuse. Like I'm literally I'm so sorry. I'm leaving lounging or I should have just come to meet you at the beach. I would be better but we wouldn't

Jamie Lerner 1:07

know I would have stolen everything from the studio. Yeah. And then carried it on the back.

Kyla Cobbler 1:13

You need me back. You've never been okay all this stuff. Oh, come on. No, Miss Lerner. Come on. Now. I'm gonna

Jamie Lerner 1:19

do my best I would try. Um, I don't know what I'm that. Welcome to the booth. Thank you. Um, basically what this is is I'm going to ask you questions about your comedy life here. And you have some upcoming shows. And at the end, you know, there's many there's many and people I don't think anyone's going to stop listening because this is the best one we thank you very much. hopefully

Kyla Cobbler 1:48

fingers crossed. Yeah,

Jamie Lerner 1:49

well, there's only one other which is with Mariah and Eldred last one we have I don't want her to.

Kyla Cobbler 1:55

Really everything is equal. Everything is equal. And everyone was just just there's abundance in the collective areas. Were all incredible.

Jamie Lerner 2:01

It's true. It's true. It's true.

Kyla Cobbler 2:05

Last night, she's fucking funny. Yeah, because I said you've been single you're funnier. You're fucking funny.

Jamie Lerner 2:10

Do you worry that's happened to you?

Kyla Cobbler 2:12

I'm terrified that I'm gonna lose my funny that he every time he dips is talking me he's taking some sort of my sense of humor. I'm like, don't use like an avatar and it's chilling like just don't fucking come at me right? You never know. I don't know people definitely get Yeah, I think it's the thing, right people, especially comedians, they break up and then they just get take something away awakens in them. Yeah. Because it can really do it when you're in. It's like there's nothing lonelier than being in a relationship. You don't I mean, I'm not Maria. This is not nothing about your relationship, but we've just segwayed on to this conversation. I think when you're in a relationship that's like darling, your fire or like your mind is somewhere else or thinking about it. It can really pick up your creativity. Yeah, I feel like that freedom and that liberation of like breaking up with someone or like even a situation being like, you know what, no more done. Exactly. Me Like, give you like a fresh kind of push, you know? Yeah,

Jamie Lerner 2:57

it can I think there's like a middle point where it's like, when you're too sad, then you can't do like people think that you have to be like tortured a comedian or to be an artist right and you definitely don't write you don't because if you're too sad, you can't do shit. You know, you're sitting on the couch smoking weed.

Kyla Cobbler 3:14

Literally, just eating cheese. I love cheese. It was one of those things called cheese cheese and cheese. Cheese kills. Cheetos, you

Jamie Lerner 3:23

know that I hate Cheetos.

Kyla Cobbler 3:24

I love that little fucking cheeky fingers.

Jamie Lerner 3:27

I like that with you know those ice cream sandwiches or it's like the chocolate or like yeah, and they the chocolate sticks to your fingers. A little bit. Um, so anyway, let's get into it. Let's go. Let's go. So tell me like, why are you doing stand up comedy and like, Why? Why you were like, Yeah, I'm going to do comedy. Um,

Kyla Cobbler 3:53

so I started doing stand up. So I started doing like, obviously on Instagram, like, storytelling and like that. I never really considered myself a comedian until Mike Reiss invited me on his podcast and he actually called me a comedian. And I remember being like, I'm not a comedian. And he's like, Hey, right so you're not a stand up, but you're definitely comedian like you're writing material doing material online, and I was like, I guess you're right. And then he was saying to me, you should try to just try it. And I was so scared. I'm trying and I didn't want you at all. And then we went in perfect. I went to see him. And that's before I knew anyone I started doing any sort of like low performance and by chance, all of the audience are Italian. There's only like 15 people and like 13 were Italian. And I was like, he's like, go ochman Just sign up to sign up. And I was like, I'll just go up and speak in Italian. So I went up and I had a shallow whiskey and I just said, like, I'm interested in this guy. I'm really trying to get involved. So let's just pretend I'm hilarious. And obviously, they were loving it. And he's like, What did you say? And I was like, ah, you know, just like few bits and pieces I've been working on. And then so that was like the first kind of standoff experience I had, but it was terrifying. Like, it wasn't easy at all. It wasn't enjoyable. It was just like scary. There was no yeah. And then I don't know I think I just kind of always was always in the back of my mind to do it. And then on the 16th of May, I signed up as Phil Varney was still running the Sunday show. And he was like, Yeah, for sure.

Jamie Lerner 5:16

I like that. You know the date.

Kyla Cobbler 5:18

Yeah, because it was it was like the biggest I just was so scared. I just didn't. I knew I had to do it, but I just didn't want to there. Was like something in me that was like don't Yeah, and then I did it again, very drunk. And like, I don't really have that I got Langer's like even before and after. And I just kept going from there. Yeah, they kept quitting and be like, I want to do this anymore. This doesn't mean there's other ways of like being creative. But something kept drawing me back into it.

Unknown Speaker 5:43

That's something is I don't know. I don't know. The

Kyla Cobbler 5:45

Divine Comedy Gods the comedy Gods because it was I honestly was like, I'm not doing this anymore. I would like book shows and then get high and like canceled the show. Yeah.

Jamie Lerner 5:54

I remember when I came, you kind of had a bit of a not I don't reputation but like, like booking you was like, Oh, she might like she's super funny. She's amazing. But she might not. She might not show

Kyla Cobbler 6:06

up. Yeah, yeah, I was flaky. I was just so I was just always like, I was just terrified. It terrified me. It's like, like used to shake and like I sometimes I would talk and my it would get stuck in my throat. Like I would try and say something. I'll get stuck in my thought. And I'm like, I just can't do this. And it was like everything. It wasn't even like being funny. It was like being up on stage and being under the spotlight and looking at you and it's just overwhelming. It was just really overwhelming

Jamie Lerner 6:30

the whole thing. Yeah. I feel like that's so surprising to me in a way because you're such a natural performer and storyteller. My son Okay, yeah, my son's I'm going to turn me up. Yeah, I guess I have like a higher timbre or something um, ya know, cuz you're just such a natural on stage that like I never thought of you as someone who would have had, like, no

Kyla Cobbler 6:53

totally IDs, like, home there. But yeah, just took a lot of things that you're confronting with yourself and your own, like insecurities. And it's hard, I think, as well as women. You know, we're not used to being in the middle and being listened to as much so that that was a big thing as well. Like, I remember marrying a man and give me my first 15 minutes on my birthday in whatever venue called in jamboree. Oh, yeah, it was the I was there. Yeah, she got me a cake and on Yeah, you can do it. You might like this point. I've never done crowd work. I've never like he's just like, oh my god, I can't do 15 I remember, like two days before an age and I had like really bad piles of piles Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, you can't share like I was so close and I go ahead and I was like doing yoga beforehand and like just being so scared like, Oh my God, no, 15 minutes I'm like, Fine, give me the mic

Jamie Lerner 7:43

or whatever. Yeah, like to like plan and totally. Like, but it

Kyla Cobbler 7:47

was. It's crazy. It's crazy that that was two years ago.

Jamie Lerner 7:50

Yeah. Yeah, I remember that night you. You were I remember being like, just really funny. And then I feel like after that is when you started really consistently like Yeah,

Kyla Cobbler 8:01

I think I just think I'm gonna do it. Yeah, I've got to do it. I got books in court. Because of this club owner in Cork where I'm from Katrin to book me and I was like, I haven't got 15 I haven't got any. Because he's like, because can we do like 15 minutes and I'm like, no, no. And then I realized those that self sabotaging, yeah. And then again, something intervened. That was beyond my perception. And I was like, Okay, I have to do it. Yeah. And was there just yeah, just those pushes.

Jamie Lerner 8:25

Isn't that it's cool that you had people pushing you.

Kyla Cobbler 8:27

I did I? Yeah. I was very lucky. Like, I've had so many conversations at Maroney and Hector and Andy and everyone just like you need to do this. I keep hearing off just keep it up because I kept saying to everyone, like what's the like, but like, how do you like get better? It has to be a way of like practicing without like going up. On stage. And everyone's like, no, no, like, you just literally have to go up all the time. Like, that's the only and I was like, I know but like, apart from that, like, is there anything and everyone's like, no, no, like, you literally have to continue to go up cuddling and I was like, okay, yeah,

Jamie Lerner 8:55

they were right there. Right. And it's a very it's also like a very New York mindset to where it's like, I would say like in New York, everyone's like, you have to just do as much as possible. I do think that there's a bit of a disconnect Sometimes though, because like in New York, for instance, comedians are like, you have to go up as much as possible. But they don't like they just go up over and over again. And tell the same jokes and don't actually work. Yeah. And that happens here too, happens everywhere. So I think I would say that like you're someone who I see you do a joke once and then the next time you do it, you've edited and you're like,

Kyla Cobbler 9:30

but that really like I don't write that like that comfortable. Your pants days. Like I very rarely write with a pen. Like I'll write it down and stuff. I'm trying to work it out. But usually I have an idea and uncle and I'm lucky because I host so when I'm hosting I like working it and like having a conversation with people. And then from there, I'll get gather ideas from that. But yeah, that's just like conversation basically, you know,

Jamie Lerner 9:50

yeah. What is your writing process? Like? Do you have one

Kyla Cobbler 9:53

so I just go through phases like sometimes I would love to sit here and be like, Oh yeah, right. I commit like every day for like an hour like I don't you know, I think for me a lot of it is connected to like my well being my mental health so like when I'm you know, working out and like outside land doing. It just gives me time to think and I think for me, a lot of it is just the thought process and like, I ponder a lot like I'll sit and think about like airports like why like I always just sit and be like, you know, I'm starting to mind and then I'll go on stage and the only time I'm kind of I go to write is yeah, when I'm trying to like, I don't know, sometimes I feel like I should be reading more. Sometimes I feel like I'm like, Am I cheating that I don't write as much I journal a lot, but not necessarily about comedy, like I journal my thoughts and like, what I'm thinking about and before I used to have like a notebook for jokes and a notebook for joining, but now I'm like, I realized that the less shit I have around me that's distracting me the easier it is for me thought if I'm journaling and I think of something funny like Well, that's funny, cool. Lena and I will talk about it but for me, my creative process is just it's such a whole of my existence like it's now I prioritize it completely. So like obviously, you know, I've stopped drinking I've stopped smoking weed. I stopped doing everything and I'm like, adults and as artists, I think we just need time to do nothing. I think we just need time to like, let our brains go wherever it needs to go. Yeah. And I also think that I'm an avid reader, and I think reading for me, for some reason, is very beneficial, and a lot of my ideas come when I'm reading or when I'm in that headspace or, you know, so writing wise, I don't really have a kind of, like, solid, you know, this is what I do every morning but like, I get the lasers but there's times when I'm out running I'm like, oh shit, that's fine. Yeah. Or I'll see an observation. I'm like, like that whole reverse COVID About came from when other people's dog smell your craft like I running and a dog was my question. Like, this is the most awkward. I love those situations. Yeah, you know, and then it's like it's gonna be sexual tension. And then from there, it all kind of started building and then I found myself situations like, Oh, that's funny, but like, it just takes so much and it's trusting, right? It's trusting that it's gonna come. Because you can sit down for days, but you're like, you just Just call me okay. Nothing for like two months and then like, okay, 20 minutes. Perfect. You know what I mean? It's yeah, it's very scary.

Jamie Lerner:

Exactly. Well, I think it's like it goes along with the idea that like, some of your best ideas come when you're like in the shower. Yeah, totally. That's one of the few times that we're actually not distracted. Yeah. Not distracted, and it's nice and warm. And our bodies are like being it's yeah, it's like a what you're saying with yoga and everything else. It's like health. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, totally. Caring for yourself.

Kyla Cobbler:

Exactly. And that's your, like, your creativity come from you. So it's like you're leaving that and you're holding space and then it blossoms because of that, you know? Yeah.

Jamie Lerner:

That's cool. What are your favorite jokes that you're telling right now?

Kyla Cobbler:

My favorite joke I've ever written is my airplane joke, but the two female pilots.

Jamie Lerner:

Oh my god. Yeah.

Kyla Cobbler:

I love that. I love it's my favorite joke. It's just my favorite joke because it's like, Oh, you don't really write structured jokes. Yeah. So because I get to like, I have like this joke that I know. It's like a 32nd thing or like maybe a little bit longer. And it always kind of not touchable plans, but it usually always lands and I just love it like that plane

Jamie Lerner:

that you're on. Yeah, exactly.

Kyla Cobbler:

That's my favorite joke. I love that joke. It's so silly. And it's so fun. And I just love it.

Jamie Lerner:

Because it's silly, and it's fun, but it's also based in true yeah, very,

Kyla Cobbler:

very true. And we all roll like Yeah, yeah. Then you're like, Oh, shit. No. So it's just nice. It's a good I like it. It's a good joke. It's a fun job.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, it is. It is fun. And I think it also plays into that like being a feminist and being supportive of women and yeah.

Kyla Cobbler:

Our place women should not Yeah, like it's so it's just yeah, it's a giggle. I love the reaction of the audience. Yeah, and the level of misdirection and it's one of my favorites and about like, I think I bought my first I were has been really based on sex because I like dating because that's where I was mentally. Yeah, so a lot of my material is very that premise, which I've like it's normal. Thinking about exactly. So I just like that it is I would have that as well. You know what I mean? It's like not in that premise. Yeah, I was just wondering about it.

Jamie Lerner:

It's fine. It's a little more like observational plays actually, outside of that. is gone rogue. So tell me about gone rogue. That's your upcoming hour. That's opera house I

Kyla Cobbler:

know sold out. So I will see it. I know. That's a shame. It's like in theater, my ears. I remember seeing like that robbery in the opera house. Yeah, it's crazy. And I was talking to them during the week for like, just the Tech because they just offer like lading and like my who's opening for me. And they were like, so why don't next year. What do you mean they're like, well, there was a lot of demand. So like, would you consider coming on your birthday again? So they booked me for two nights next year. So what I'm gonna do is release the ticket link the name of the show, instead of like selling T shirts and shit. Like guys, next year, come back for a whole new show. Which I don't have. Yeah, that'd be fun. No,

Jamie Lerner:

I will. I will have another year of life. Yeah, exactly.

Kyla Cobbler:

That's actually right. You're gonna have another year of play. So going back again. So hopefully this could be like an annual thing where you know, they'll be very handy financially to start the year with a solo show and fucking incorrect but it's crazy. So go on. ragas Yeah, just my Yeah, from the very beginning from the Latino bit which is the first ever but I wrote to the newer bits, and it's just a kind of beginning of event of like when I was dating, as a drinker and like, as a non drinker and the different kind of feeling and navigating through that and hopefully in a really fun way and yeah, I'm proud of it. Yeah, I'm proud of it. It's cool.

Jamie Lerner:

I'm excited to see Yeah, I am not saying it uncork unfortunately. But I'll see it here. Yeah,

Kyla Cobbler:

like a million times in different little snippets. But I want to see it all together. Yeah. It's been a journey. It's been very, very cool.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, and so now you're doing it I said, we're gonna promote at the beginning, but then we forgot. We forgot. So what are you doing it?

Kyla Cobbler:

I'm doing it. So tomorrow, I'm doing an imperfective with Andy and then Friday. I'm doing it at 630 here, and then at 10 in the secret Comedy Club. And then on Sunday, I've got my usual show on Saturday. I'm doing it here again. 30 And then on Tuesday, at 10pm So I'm taking over fat goose and choco haha doing it because like, that's my only I can't like that's how we practice like, I can't sit and look at it written down ya know, so I just have to do it and then I'm flying to court on the 14th and then the shows and wow sort of thing as I say that are crazy. Like I had the urge to poop.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, no pooping No. No.

Kyla Cobbler:

So yeah, it's just been mental. I just can't believe it's like when they booked me. I didn't even have the like, I had like, I mean, I did have like, 40 minutes. I just I was missing. But yeah, I can't believe it's here.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, it's good. It's like a good incentive, though. It's like the best intention not that this is anything comparable, but like, I was like, I'm gonna book in my average December, whatever. Yeah, there. Yeah, I came here and I was just like, I'm gonna just have to put it together. And then the day before I was like, What the fuck am I doing? It would be a lot better to have like an analysis where you're like No, I actually even

Kyla Cobbler:

have like, paid money money to come in and to so it's not like February ticket. I think there were 3025 or 30. Yeah, so it's amazing.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, it's so cool. I'm so excited for you. Um, let's see. I'm just tosses if it does anything for the computer. It doesn't it does it for that one. Um, so you live in Barcelona. I guess you kind of split your time at cork in Barcelona. Yeah. If you're more, I'm here more. So what led you to move here? I

Kyla Cobbler:

was in Italy and I lived there for seven years and I speak Italian. And then I thought to myself before I go, I'm turning 30. If I could have another language under my belt, that would be a good skill set versus before I said a comedy. So I was like, I didn't study I never went to Universal kind of qualifications or I've always just done hospitality work for fashion. So I was like a compressor on and like any year I learned Spanish because it's the exact same. And then I started a company instead and changed my life. So it has been so I just learned Spanish, which anyway is like pissing into the wind. Yeah,

Jamie Lerner:

you can't learn Spanish.

Kyla Cobbler:

Like literally it's the stupidest thing ever. It's like a prison yard just like the Argentinian serve. Their engineer and the Mexicans are so

Jamie Lerner:

yeah, and then everyone here just weeks kept a lot literally an English so it's very It's so fresh at my grandfather's like, Why don't you speak Spanish yet? You've been here two years.

Kyla Cobbler:

I know you don't understand. What's your name?

Jamie Lerner:

Jules. Do Oh, really? Yeah, I know. It's like so his name is Jules and my grandmother's name, Darrell. So people mix them up. That's so funny. Oh, that's actually still do dairy. Yeah, people think that she's gonna be a black man. Like that. He's gonna be an Irish woman. You do? Yeah. Oh, thank you. But yeah, there'll be speaking Spanish right now. And I'm like I

Kyla Cobbler:

can so hard though. It's and then the minute you walk into a shop like especially like you as well, like, I look like a fucking Giri like I'm you're here. We're blonde or blue eyes, like people are like, hello. And I'm like, sure.

Jamie Lerner:

Right? Exactly like people. Actually. I look a little Mediterranean.

Kyla Cobbler:

Yeah, you don't look

Jamie Lerner:

as yarn as me. Especially in the summer I tan. Yeah. Burn.

Kyla Cobbler:

I can I can I can I call it tan. It has a red tinge. I'm like, I'm fucking tan. Okay.

Jamie Lerner:

I'm like it's tomato. That's like a brown tomato. Yeah,

Kyla Cobbler:

like all right, son. Right.

Jamie Lerner:

You are getting there. Um, no, that's amazing. That's cool, though, that you moved here at like change because? Well, part of it is like you're so you have a big following on Instagram. Yeah. Tell me. Yeah, that's not a pre written question. Because most most people I interviewed do not Yeah. Oh, there's a guy who wants something. I'm sure John. Fans bottom don't think God um, but as I say, I'm Instagram Instagram. Tell me like how that happened.

Kyla Cobbler:

Instagram happened so I joined Instagram before it had like when it was just photograph Vemula and then before I love him, before Instagram, oh yeah. Before Instagram had like videos and reels and stuff. It was just photographs, remember? And the stories that just come out and the bloggers because like Irish bloggers it's like being an RN and being a blogger. There. Some of them are awful jokes. Some of them are amazing. Some of their coffee joke. Yeah, and I just started doing the story that I do know the daily stories like messing and playing and just food organically. Just consistency just everyday. I just shared my life with the only thing and back then to like now I'm like 32 or like in a relationship and so we're so like, my life is really boring and scene basically but like, back then I was like, oh my god I was going out and like taking pills like getting propped up and slipping around. And I would just say that the truth you know, so I think people appreciated the honesty Yeah, you know what I mean? And people were that my age are going through the same things or women who are older were like oh, good for you go out and fucking have fun and you know what I mean? And there's definitely been moments right? absolutely hated that don't want to be online anymore. Because it's hard to share all the time. And sometimes it's weird when people come up and they like, they feel like they know you which of course I understand. But it can be a little bit especially if they're after a few drinks like they kind of overshare and you're like yeah, and you're like we don't know each other. And I know that's really hard, but like we don't like the way around like sometimes it's beautiful and there is really tender moments but it's just you know, it just is what it is. It's like the Belly of the Beast, right? You just keep feeding it and because it's conflicting because at times I know Instagram is just so bad for the soul like, but it's a tool right and it's currency. So as long as I have it and it's working, then why not?

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, no, it's a tool. It's currency. And I also think that you've kind of tapped into the good side of it.

Kyla Cobbler:

I feel like that too. Thank you for saying that. I feel like that too. I think I like a good relationship with it. And I try and get back to people and like actually put effort into saying thank you to people and yeah, you know, and then like it's sold me tickets like I have no management and I'm selling out auditoriums, so like happy thinking more creative nothing but gratitude.

Jamie Lerner:

They're gonna make happy thank you more please.

Kyla Cobbler:

I want to famous designing it

Jamie Lerner:

oh my god

you're talking about him a little

Kyla Cobbler:

is he's brand new and that makes me so happy. He's just so and it's okay to play like met him. I think it's the first kind of guy that that came into my life. I met him when I'm already happy. Like I met regal place and like, I just honestly thought before I met him I've been single for so long. I just don't think that maybe in this lifetime romantic love is going to be in my life. Because everything else I'm surrounded by like an amazing support group of friends and like intelligent women all around me and like my comedy has just gone so well. Which is amazing that I love to do what I'm good at. So it's like you know, it just, I just was like, maybe it's just not going to be this lifetime. You know, and I really come to terms with that. And then he just say, Hey, I was okay. And then that was it. It was just like he's so incredible and important kind and yes, yeah, yes, he's great. And I get that Yeah, yeah, he's like, he's, he loves comedy, which is great. So yeah, I just feel really lucky. And he's the kind of person something that really made a difference to me. I'm sure you'll understand this as a comic. Before shows it he doesn't annoy me you know, so Oh my god. I'd be around people when you're before you perform. What were him he's just like, such a like relaxing. Yeah, and easing energy like it just it suits me. Yeah. Which

Jamie Lerner:

is like energy on stage absolute. And he's also like, he's chill like, oh, like if you're like, I need I need to, like totally go through my material. Like, talk to me like yeah,

Kyla Cobbler:

he's like you do you like he's so I feel so lucky. Like I always say here's my prize for getting sober. Here's what I want. Oh, yeah, he's my reprice.

Jamie Lerner:

Err. Yeah, I'm gonna stay silver.

Kyla Cobbler:

Because you honestly it's just been Yeah, he's so

Jamie Lerner:

cute. I love that. Um, well, how Okay, I'm gonna go into my canned questions a little bit too. Um, you've performed in a bunch of cities now, kind of so far. You know, I do say that the Barcelona scene in particular is, you know, important to your to your growth as a comedian and like, how does it compare to these other comedies? Sure.

Kyla Cobbler:

Um, I think that if it wasn't for the person on the team, I wouldn't be where I am today. 100% they you guys have just

Jamie Lerner:

be in a better place.

Kyla Cobbler:

More successful? And I will be honest, like no, I know. No, it was like it was the love and support of everyone on the scene and the community. vibe and like, I've always said in just meeting everyone here, I'm like, okay, cool. These are my people like, and just just how we help each other out. Like if there's ever like two or three shows or and he's like, okay, you can open mine and close mine and we all work together. And it's like, this is good. When you guys have been amazing, I think we're all amazing and it's and you know what, like, on a completely like, professional level, it's a fucking strong thing. Yeah, like we're funny. Like the show sell out the great shows. He put a lot of work into them and it's just like, and again, I think there is a maybe this has been done unconsciously. But it is an abundancy. Like, there's enough for everyone. We realize that no one's greedy. Everyone kind of worked together to create something that's really special and it worked. Yeah, it's really special. It's a really special place and the shows are fucking incredible. And it's the best place for someone like me to grow because I get to go on stage if I want to continue every night. I can go on stage every night. Yeah, there sure was there February one if I can say like, even when I was doing my big show on Dublin, and I was like, Guys, can anybody give me like 10 minutes? I need to like work this out. And everyone's like, yeah, 100% Yeah, let me know. And like you don't get that anywhere else.

Jamie Lerner:

No. If that was like London, be like, who are you? Yeah, like or not even that like they're just like, Go get yourself on time. Yeah, well, people Yeah. Like we're just like, No, we're

Kyla Cobbler:

a family and so and I know that eventually that will change because it's, I think it's gonna get really big and really different. But I'm so glad I got to be a part of the originals. Like I'm so proud to be like the founding fathers or the founding fathers like we were in pub. Limerick we all did it. Like I was a bartender before his comedian in the comedy club. Yeah, that's that's crazy. Like Goodwill Hunting.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah. janitor

Kyla Cobbler:

at the whiteboard being like, what's the punchline? You know, like it's so yeah. It's been. I love every one here. I love that. I see. And I love that sometimes in my home and I'm like not to do and I'm like, I can just go home and show yeah, and there'll be someone there that's like weird or like, nothing just special. It's a special place.

Jamie Lerner:

I like that your adjectives are weird and nice. Yeah. Definitely. We are people that are such a weirdo where we

Kyla Cobbler:

were absolute weirdos, but we got each other's back. That's what it is. Yeah. It's

Jamie Lerner:

like Barcelona in particular. It's a place where a lot of people go, when they're like something maybe something's not working for them where they're from or where they were. Maybe it was but they were just like, I want to seek something else or something different to

Kyla Cobbler:

a certain person. Yeah. Certain kind of thought. Yeah,

Jamie Lerner:

I think so. I agree. And I think it like I think when you take people who have chosen to live in Barcelona and people who are choosing to be part of this comedy scene, yeah, you get a very particular Yeah.

Kyla Cobbler:

It was so so I was just like, my heart was

Jamie Lerner:

full. I think I cry. I cried. I

Kyla Cobbler:

was like, I'm an emotional wreck these days. They are getting lost. I want that. Oh, yeah, I want that house. Yeah. And I have my first trophy, bro. No, yeah, I set off the other I have the two pieces. There's no going back together. I fell off my fucking bookshelf. After Bernie built me that bookshelf. Yes, because we're nice to each other are nice to each other. And we're nice John. Alice means that I travel. He was staying at your place. Yeah,

Jamie Lerner:

it's a nice little play. Yeah, it's like it's so close. Yeah, too close.

Kyla Cobbler:

To my place. Like, we're just amazing. It's such a beautiful thing. It's true. I'm really proud when like people come over and I'm like, well, congrats on that. Like, it's like amazing if it was awesome. Yeah, I'm really proud of it.

Jamie Lerner:

Yeah, I love it. I love the like the visiting like a lot of visiting comedians, I

Kyla Cobbler:

always say it they're like, Wow, this places like

Jamie Lerner:

I know. I know. This was the let's talk about receiving section of the pod. The truth. It is just the truth. If we love Yeah, who are your like, who are your favorite comedians, either local or visiting or famous? Like just the favorite, your favorite a

Kyla Cobbler:

favorite Andy Casper crack me? Cracks me up. I've always said on every podcast, no matter what level of podcast I'm doing. I'm like only golfer is makes me like properly laugh. And that's the one thing about doing comedy is that you don't laugh a lot. I think you get to a point where you're very used to it which I don't normally like it's like, but fuck me and do you make me cry? He's so funny. So definitely Andy I think for logo is my favorite. And I think Shane Gillis I love finger sander. Oh, yeah. No, like a bro. No, he's he's American. He's like one of the bro heads but he did beautiful dogs and it's like I think one of the best specials I've watched in sauna call like it it was just like simple because like I love like, dude, like obviously we're in a moment where like, a lot to say and stuff but somebody just can't beat like old funny jokes. Yeah, about stupid shit. Like I do love that kind of comedy where it's just a little less innovative. And a little less. Like, I'm sending a message like this is what like I'm trying to tell you it's like, just like, I want to have it. Yeah, you know, like, it doesn't have a gig like it's a joke. You know? Like sometimes I feel like we get a little bit too caught up and like sending these kinds of like messages or like when I'm just like this is a crack. This is a bit of fun, fun. We're not saving lives.

Jamie Lerner:

Exactly what really frustrates me a lot like I don't know if you watched I've like hate watched more comedy recently than stuff I wanted. Yeah. So I watched like Matt Rives special. Yeah, and

Kyla Cobbler:

Ricky Gervais is amazing and he's great but he just don't think he's ranting he's angry. Yeah, and you can feel that and it's like, what

Jamie Lerner 0:03

Okay, great, Rebecca. But yeah, Hannah Gatsby, her recent special she was like, everyone says not a comedian because I was just saying something and trying to send a message. So here's just some silly comments. Good for her. And it's, and it's the story of how she met her. Her now wife. Yeah. And it's amazing. Amazing. No, you should watch her. I

Kyla Cobbler 0:26

will. I will. Absolutely.

Jamie Lerner 0:28

It's like really good storytelling. Really good joke writing a legend. Yeah, it's brilliant. And it just comes full circle and like the most I think it's a 90 minute special to wow, yeah. That's impressive. Oh my God. Not one day One day Kyle is always gonna be out there. Do a three hour special me bro Yeah. Two paths you

Kyla Cobbler 0:56

I even the thought of writing a new hour I'm like well, I My head's already there. I can feel it. I'm like, oh, and like see since I can roll coming up. This has been such a like pinnacle. Like goal. Yeah, like now even forgetting today. Like it's not me my head. I am just ungrounded like I am just like well you got a million things. Yeah, yeah. So much coming off and like even like getting there and just it's like, I need to do this. Like I'm busy. I can feel myself like, yeah, mental. No, it's great

Jamie Lerner 1:23

though. It's like, do you get to that point with your material where because now you've been doing this material kind of for the last year? Yeah, they were like, Okay, now I have to write a new hour. Yeah, I'm

Kyla Cobbler 1:34

excited. Yeah, I'm done. I love gone rogue, but like, I'm ready. Now. I'm like, give me stuff. But I just can't. I tried to ask January to start writing new stuff. And like my brain was like, just do it first. Yeah, do it in the opera house, get it done. And then after it'll come to work and I can feel that obviously, because of my girlfriend now and haven't been a girlfriend like seven years. So there's lots of stuff coming up. That's funny. That's funny. That's funny. So I'm just like writing it all down somewhere. And I'm like, I'll pick a day and just do loads open mics, and I know that I know, flow very fluidly when I just need to do the fucking Opera House. They need to get this done. It's like that my

Jamie Lerner 2:04

Yeah. So it's like a week away for a walk out clock. I know. I can cool though. You with them kind of bouncing around a little so I'm a little like, um, what was your worst ever gig? Do you remember?

Kyla Cobbler 2:26

My worst ever gigs? So this one isn't really my own app, but it's honest. So obviously I started and I had my Instagram thing and people will come and see and I wasn't it wasn't like taking any risks at the beginning. Right? It was just and I remember the first time I bombed Yeah, at Space Cowboy. I was doing and Space Cowboy

Jamie Lerner 2:51

was really taken that Friday, though. Yeah,

Kyla Cobbler 2:53

she's amazing. And I went I saw like the second show she did and I was like, okay, cool. Like I'll see like learning how to be a whole list whenever. And I went last week and was like, follow up. You're amazing. Yeah, it's such a it's like bootcamp. Yeah. It's literally bootcamp like space Coway gave me such a thick skin because like, not only is it just another company, but you've got like the barrier, the air dryer and the fucking men's toilet, which is like the loudest thing in the world. Yeah. Oh, my God, like, it's so so it's an eye people. And because he started showing Space Cowboy, and because people come in and out of the barrier, you're registering and you're like, Okay, this is the feel of the show, right? This is gonna be hard. They're not that you know, but with this category, it's like, oh, this could change at any moment. Yeah, they're comfortable, you know? Yeah. So anyway, I was doing Andy shown and this before this whole thing, and I did my opener, and and it just threw me. I just had never, it just had never not landed. Yeah. And I just started saying all my punch lines and my back was sweating. I remember like, ripples of like, swish. You know, that's the law. I'm bombing for it. Yeah. And I got off stage and I supposed to do 15 Eight. I sent all my material. I said everything right. And Andy was like, you need to do your time. And I was like, What do you mean, he's like, it doesn't matter if you're eating shit. You need to finish the time because it's like for the respect of the show, and I was like, okay, fair, and then I bombed it again. Like, I don't know. A couple of weeks later, Ash bomb shelter. Yeah, it was headlining and it was like, quarter to one in the morning. So I mean, that's a tough spot. Come on, and I did my job. And I'm so proud of myself.

Jamie Lerner 4:22

I'm proud of you. Yeah, I

Kyla Cobbler 4:23

know. It's like a fun one. So like, yeah, you're it's so liberating. Yes. Now I don't care. No. I have to care. But like, it

Jamie Lerner 4:31

happens. Sometimes. You just have to if you don't bomb as a comedian, you're not taking you're not taking

Kyla Cobbler 4:35

the risk. Exactly. So it's like, Okay, I just have to like so. Yeah, I think bombing was probably the best thing that happened for me. Oh, I love that. Right. That's a great perspective. Yeah, because it's like, okay, this is the worst thing. Yeah, like that's the worst. That's gonna have the worst thing and you roll unless you're like Chris Rock.

Jamie Lerner 4:52

Yeah. Like in America like just

Kyla Cobbler 4:57

literally but yeah, it was that was a hard that's basecoat by bomb was a hard wake up call but very necessary. Yeah, very necessary.

Jamie Lerner 5:05

I'm glad. Yeah, that's that's the perspective on a no. Do you ever gig you've done my favorite

Kyla Cobbler 5:10

gig? I? I remember when I went to Luxembourg with Victor with Chef Dan and Chris Dawa and we were in this I just met Chris and Chris is like the nicest guys absolutely. Like amazing comedian. Really. He's a hottie

Jamie Lerner 5:24

Can you introduce

Kyla Cobbler 5:27

it? And it was just me. I met him at the airport and it was like an instant connection. And we did this amazing show to two shows back to back in a theater with a picture and it was just a great place to go really fun, really fun show and then obviously my first time we didn't go nor was amazing. Yeah, like the first time was like, right, I needed like 47 minutes instead of 60.

Jamie Lerner 5:47

But it's hard first time doing it is it's

Kyla Cobbler 5:51

an emotional experience too. Because yeah, put into it and like you know, yeah, we put a lot of pressure on yourself so and then there's all those people there to see. Oh, and it's like all my friends. There was no anybody fucking Cobra because like the French eight rolls with people I know. So it was a lot, but it was beautiful. I mean, it was so beautiful and so much fun. Yeah, so definitely those two shows a bit more. I

Jamie Lerner 6:09

love that. Cool. I really only have one question left which is your advice to new comedians.

Kyla Cobbler 6:18

My advice to new comedians is just keep showing the best. Yeah, just keep going on stage. I know. I understand. But just keep doing it. Just keep going. Just keep doing it. And it just you have to get better. You may not never make it. But you're definitely

Jamie Lerner 6:34

but I think that's part of like being on it. Right? Yeah, yeah.

Kyla Cobbler 6:38

Yeah, to enjoy. Like,

Jamie Lerner 6:39

I think if you're doing comedy to be famous or to make it you're not doing it for there has

Kyla Cobbler 6:45

to be like, like, if I'm out on stage for like four or five days. I'm like, I need to get up. Yeah, I want to I want to go and do this special thing. Yeah. And we're privileged to be able to do what we do. So to appreciate that and keep showing off. And just keep doing it and enjoying it and yeah, facing it. I love that. Cool, and don't go up drunk. Yeah, that's great advice. Yeah, don't go up drunk up sober. You get better. You think you think that you won't but you just one or two drinks? No. Bullshit. You're fooling yourself. I

Jamie Lerner 7:15

don't think I started improving as a comedian until I started performing. So

Kyla Cobbler 7:18

going back to the very fucking terrifying Yeah, because I used

Jamie Lerner 7:23

to. I used to say I need two beers. Yeah, like, me

Kyla Cobbler 7:29

too. I would have like two candles in a shop Yeah, just before I just the shot and then I got me like wow, yeah. And then when I got clean, I was like, oh my god, this is terrifying. Again, ya

Jamie Lerner 7:38

know, it's scary to perform sober is um, but it's it's like, like the alcohol eludes you up in a way that sometimes you're really funny. Like, I performed drunk the other night. Because I haven't really been drinking. I went out to dinner with a friend. I was like, whatever. I haven't had a drink and like Monday Yeah, sure. So I got super drunk on Monday night and it was shitty mike so whatever. And I went up and did five minutes. completely hammered. Yeah, listen back to it. It was actually pretty funny. There you go. Thank God and people are like you shouldn't do a drug more often.

Kyla Cobbler 8:15

It's not gonna be that's not always gonna see i Yeah, 100

Jamie Lerner 8:19

like the crowd was into it. But if they weren't if they were like I'm here for professional. Yeah. You don't want to be drunk. No, you don't want to be drunk or high. I think being highest worth being high

Kyla Cobbler 8:29

is so much for being high. It's so so mad. Because you can't even say you're like I can't interact. Yeah, I can't do this. No, no, no. Being high is way worse. Oh my god, drunk all the way. I've had some the best shows I've ever done is that I've been like, severely hungover. Yeah, but like, yeah, like severely. And some of the best shows I've ever done. I don't know why. It's because you're wrong. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And you're like me, I've got nothing left. Yeah. Are you having stomach lining? Yeah, that's where I'm at. Yeah,

Jamie Lerner 8:57

so I've had that experience. Growing up all day.

Kyla Cobbler 9:02

And then you go up there and something comes out. You're like, I don't know where that came from was so far.

Jamie Lerner 9:05

Yeah, exactly. But I also think that goes along with the advice of like, just keep getting up there is like, even when you feel like shit,

Kyla Cobbler 9:12

that's how you better times to go. Because it really can lift you up and you're like, I'll do this at any time. You know? Yeah. It's important. Yeah. Important.

Jamie Lerner 9:19

I agree. Cool. Is there anything else that you like, want us to talk about or? I think that's all good. Thing ding ding. No, I think so. So yeah, I think this is Jamie Lerner. Um, and what are your shows again?

Kyla Cobbler 9:37

Tell me on your show. So tomorrow night Thursday night at 9pm in imperfecta with Andy Casper, and Friday at 630 here at the clubhouse and then later that day at 10 in the secret Comedy Club, Saturday 630. Again, I'm taking over short golf and doing my our nice Sunday. I'm doing my regular show. Monday, no show and then Tuesday at 10pm. I'm taking over factors and I'm doing it they're amazing that I need to do Wednesday, before me on Saturday. Again,

Jamie Lerner:

oh my god, don't do anything here. Okay. Kyla, thank you for having me.

Kyla Cobbler:

You crushing it.

Jamie Lerner:

You're crushing it. Okay. Thank you.

Oh, good. That's great. That's fun. That's wonderful. Wonderful. Yeah, perfect. Thank you. Yeah, that was awesome. Yeah. And then I'm probably gonna put it up