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Episode 18: Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka
Episode 187th August 2020 • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur • Matt Birchard
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Episode 18 features Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka. A low proof, coffee and hazelnut flavored vodka that some may classify as a liqueur.

Enjoy this episode with a pour of Hazelnut Espresso Vodka, or the yummy Coco Puff Martini!

Crater Lake's official website:

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1996 - Bendistillery founded
  • 2001 - Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka introduced
  • 2011 - Brands standardized under the Crater Lake name

Key Cocktail:

This cocktail is the result of experimentation at the tasting room, originally intended to be a temporary drink, it proved so popular it earned a permanent place on the menu .

Coco Puff Martini:

2 oz. Crater Lake Vodka

2 oz. Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka

1 oz. Chocolate syrup

1 oz. Half & Half

Mix over ice in a shaker, shake vigorously, then strain into a graham cracker rimmed martini glass. No garnish needed.


Thanks again to James Padilla, National Sales Manager of Bendistillery for taking the time to speak with me for this episode.

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