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Referrals on Repeat with Jodi and Darryl Bueckert
Episode 19111th August 2021 • Podcast Domination Show • Luis Diaz
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Generating referrals and repeat customers is probably the most effective way to build your business. So today, I'm super excited to have Jodi and Darryl, co-founders of The Trust Method, talk about what they do. If you have a company that uses referrals or you want to expand your referral system, you’re gonna want to download this episode and listen to it multiple times. Then, just follow Jodi and Darryl’s tips to turn your programs and businesses into retention and referral engines. I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode: 

[6:35] Discover the UNIQUE reason and motivation WHY people do what they do

[12:46] What causes other people NOT to refer you (and what you can do about it)

[19:36] How do you ASK for referrals without sounding desperate or pushy

[25:59] Practice AUTHENTIC ways to show gratitude for people who refer you

[31:57] What is the first step to creating a referral SYSTEM

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