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Practice Truth-Telling | Growth Tip #9
Episode 22230th November 2021 • Women in the Business Arena™ • Sonya Stattmann
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Each one of us has our own Truth. It’s the sum of our deepest needs, our dearest values, and our most strongly held beliefs. Unfortunately, women leaders are trained to hide parts of themselves, or to water them down to keep other people comfortable. 

This episode of Women in the Business Arena is about the power of truth-telling. Not just speaking truth to others, but owning our own Truth and honoring ourselves. 

What’s standing between you and telling your whole Truth? Is it self-doubt, fear of rejection, or the assumption that you’re just Too Much? Laura and I will help you identify and remove those obstacles to being your authentic self, and discover the growth energy we uncover when we stop hiding our essential selves.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Starting our truth-telling with the most important person in our lives: ourselves!
  • Connecting to and trusting your body to help you understand your truth.
  • The unbelievable energy savings we realize when we don’t have to guess at each other’s emotional states.
  • Trusting ourselves and our energy, and allowing ourselves to express them without fear.

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