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Securing steady work
Episode 358th December 2021 • Freelancing for Journalists • Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson
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Securing steady work, long term contracts or building up a relationship with an editor in order to get regular work can be a great security blanket for freelancers. In this episode we talk to Mel Stern, freelance journalist, editor, producer, and charity communications consultant and Tufayel Ahmed, a freelance journalist, editor and journalism lecturer about how to do this . 

The Guests

Mel Stern

Twitter: @melvstern


Tufayel Ahmed 


Instagram: @tufayelahmed


Resources and recommendations

Opportunities for journalists to work in the charity sector:  

World Vision charity

Amnesty International

Work experience scheme at the BBC, including Newsnight:

Big Issue The Breakthrough Programme

Example of Tufayel’s work on pro-wrestling for CNN

June Bellebon and her articles at Gal-Dem

Aniefiok Ekpoudom, freelance journalist

Jason Okundaye, freelance writer

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