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The Week with Roger - Roger Entner EPISODE 25, 8th March 2021
This Week: How Leadership Changes Drive Carrier Strategy
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This Week: How Leadership Changes Drive Carrier Strategy

0:26: What can be learned from the change in leadership, and subsequent strategy changes, at the top three mobile carriers?

4:24: Since T-Mobile has snapped up a large share of the “low hanging fruit” from other carriers, how their strategy seems to be changing.

5:50: T-Mobile and rural America - how will T-Mobile grow beyond their traditional footprint?

7:20: All of the top talent working at the companies know each other and have often worked together at other companies.

8:24: Comparing Verizon under Hans Vestberg to Verizon under his predecessors.

12:40: Verizon is betting on content - a wise bet or not?

16:00: Comparing AT&T under John Stankey to AT&T under his predecessors.

17:51: How AT&T reacted and pivoted after Sprint was acquired and no longer the “low rung of the carrier ladder”.

20:09: How low cost of capital has impacted the wireless carriers.

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