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000 – About Creating Responsible Companies: Can We Really Change The World With A Podcast?
9th December 2019 • Creating Responsible Companies Podcast • Destination Better
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Episode Summary

People want to know how companies are treating the environment, their employees, and how they’re giving back in support of the communities in which they operate. In this episode, Janet and Barbra talk about how and why the Creating Responsible Companies podcast was born and how it can help you figure out what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is for your organization and how engaging in social and environmental initiatives can benefit your career and your organization’s profitability and reputation.


Topics Covered

Our experience: We have worked with multiple companies throughout our respective careers and with our consulting company, Destination Better. Companies as large as Fortune 10 have turned to us to help them create and manage their own employee, community and environmental programs. Now, we are ready to spill the secrets we learned in the corporate trenches!

Throughout our careers we learned two important lessons:

  1. 80% of the work of any professional, especially a CSR pro, is in soft skills: EQ, relationship building, being relatable and effectively communicating to advance your mission. 
  2. Human beings, no matter if you are a business leader, CSR pro or someone who just graduated with a degree in sustainability, feel like they have a calling of some sort, something they naturally do really well and were “called to do”. These same people have jobs where they are being “asked to do” something. 

Where this podcast sits is in the middle of what you are being “called to do” and what you are being “asked to do”. Our purpose is to close that gap through social and environmental awareness and responsibility, to help you develop the relationship skills you need and give you the tools you need to actually make a difference. 

Can we really change the world with a podcast and help create careers and companies that, yes, can make a difference?

Business leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes have asked us to equip, empower and encourage them, sharing our uncomplicated tools and career insights to create more socially and environmentally responsible companies; to strike a balance between “called to do”/”asked to do” so that everyone can have a career and company that matches their values. 

A podcast seemed like the best way, so we took the plunge to:

  • Equip: We will give away tools we have created over our careers that help advance social and environmental practices to create a better world, one responsible company at a time
  • Empower: We’ve already skinned our knees, so you don’t have to! We’ll share social and environmental advice and knowledge we have used to guide executives, CSR professionals and those who just want to make a difference.
  • Encourage: Help leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes learn in a safe environment, hone their superpowers and address the gaps that are holding them back from making a difference in their own careers and companies.

We are thrilled at the opportunity and the impact we can collectively have - together! If you find our podcast helpful, please share ...and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!