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Summer Well Series: Pause vs Planning
Episode 24Bonus Episode11th August 2022 • Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders • Kishshana Palmer
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In This Episode . . . 

Kishshana talks about all things planning and pausing. She shares her experience with planning in her career and professional life as well as in her personal life. Are you getting caught up in the cycle of planning or are you putting off taking a pause?

Since Season 2, Kishshana has dug in to really learn about herself and understand what it is that she’s looking for, what she needs, and the voids that she’s felt in her life.

Here are four key things to be thinking about as you listen to this episode: “Is it time to pause?”, “Have I pressed the pause button too long so that I'm now on a break?”, “How do I plan for a pause?”, and then “How do I know when it's time to take an unplanned pause?”.

How to Navigate Planning vs Pausing

Kishshana gives you her three tips for how to navigate planning vs. pausing. First, sit in gratitude for the things that you have, that you’ve done, that you’ve accomplished, and most importantly, who you are. Second, think about planning it out loud. Speaking your plans out loud allows you to give voice to the things that are rumbling and bumbling around in your head and allows you that space to give yourself the energy to imagine a different possibility. Third, get a friend, a thought partner that’s there to walk alongside you as you put the planning and/or pausing into action.

As we think about our wellness and we think about well-being as it relates to the planning and pausing in our personal and professional lives, remember that we will grow where we are watered.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:11) You're invited to the 2022 Rooted Retreat;
  • (3:20) How many of us are planners?;
  • (5:21) Do you feel like you're in planning mode?;
  • (7:44) Slowing down enough to take a pause;
  • (12:04) Too much planning in my planning;
  • (13:00) Navigate planning versus pausing;

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