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E147: Grow Your Business While Burning Fat & Gaining Muscle With Rob Dionne
30th April 2018 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Rob Dionne is the co-founder of Open Sky Fitness which helps people with careers and family find time in their day to eat healthy, exercise, and practice mindfulness regularly. Open Sky Fitness is hosting the Sky Fitness Challenge which will include an exclusive community of people who workout for 20 minutes or less each day. That link will be in the show notes for this episode.

Quotes To Remember:

“The learning never ends.”

“If we want to burn fat and gain muscle, it’s gonna have to be a combination of things.”

“Everybody’s nutrition is slightly different.”

“Everything will have to grow in order to sustain what you are doing.”

“The information on how to be healthy is not that hard to find.”

“What is it that is standing in our way? It is really your own personal self limitations”

“The process is the result.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Maintain Your Existing Fitness
  • Best Approach For Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle
  • Identify and Stop Self-Sabotaging Beliefs and Actions


Key Links From The Show:

Rob’s Site

Sky Fitness Challenge

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Mark Sisson - Open Sky Fitness

Identify and Stop Self-Sabotaging Beliefs and Actions

Podcast Movement

Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Free 1 month Audible

5 Home Workouts You Can Do Today

The Healthy Travel Guide

Recommended Books:

Two Awesome Hours by Josh Davis

Head Strong by Dave Asprey

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss


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