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DREAM INTERPRETATION: Unlocking the mystery of dreams to raise your consciousness, work through shadow + navigate your inner world with Adrienne Abeyta
Episode 9511th October 2021 • The Medicin • Mimi Lindquist
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Today we are discussing a very mysterious occurrence that literally every person in the world experiences. That is, dreams. 

There is no one better to guide us through the dreamworld landscape than Adrienne. If you’ve listened to other episodes with her, #s 64 and 78, you’ve witnessed the unique + powerful way she helps us all navigate our inner world with balanced curiosity + wisdom. As a practical mystic, this is one of her many super powers. She has truly been one of our most impactful teachers in this life.

so…Why do we dream?

What do they mean?

Are they actually important?

What can our dreams potentially teach us?

How can we remember them better?

What are sex dreams all about?

How do we interpret the symbols?

We get through all these Q’s and much more today. We also put Adrienne on the spot for some live dream interpretation. This was a very vulnerable experience for me, as I describe in detail a sexual dream I had recently. And in order to sort through it, I share some very real fears + Insecurities...This wasn’t easy for me, but I was 100% authentic with you all, in hopes that you can see just how powerful this type of inner work can be.

Then towards the end of the episode we bring one of our listeners, Morgan, on to share her very powerful dream with us. Then she and Adrienne work through it together to extract the meaning. You might wanna have some tissues nearby, because this was a pretty emotional experience for us all. 

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