The Amber Heard Dateline Interview with Savannah Gutherie
Episode 14922nd June 2022 • The Emily Show • Emily D. Baker, Esq.
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Weeks after the jury decided that Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp this case still isn’t over. The final judgment isn’t even in yet, that’s expected to happen on June 24, 2022, and Amber Heard has continued to talk about the case. During a week-long teaser of the exclusive sit-down interview with Amber Heard NBC released clips of the interview on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, a 20-minute preview was released exclusively on Peacock on Thursday, and finally, the interview was released on Friday. The release of this amount of content of the interview ahead of the interview provides an interesting vantage point for the edits that NBC made. While putting in more content, or taking content out is to be expected, it’s the strange mid-sentence cuts that have caused so much debate.

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