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Ep. 231 - Dr. Jen Esquer on Overcoming Infidelity + Reconnecting to Your Body + Intuition
Episode 23125th June 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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This episode if for anyone who has ever felt disconnected from their body and intuition, for anyone navigating life after betrayal and for anyone wanting to forgive others and themselves. This is an intimate conversation on relationships, trust, listening to your physical and emotional bodies. Joining us is physical therapist Dr. Jen Esquer, founder of the The Mobility Method, known for relieving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing movement. Jen is all about affecting change in the body through education, movement, and building appreciation for what our unique bodies are capable of doing.


But we are honored to have Jen talk about more than mobility today. She opens up about her past relationship ending in infidelity, the way she handled the heartbreak, and how connected she became to her inner knowing. It really struck a chord with us when she discusses the importance of having friends that can hold a safe space, without judgment, to release the spectrum of emotions that may arise. We unpack the benefits of breathwork and the effect it can have on your parasympathetic nervous system.  For example, it allows one to release emotions so they don’t stay trapped. Jen gives a generous tool box if we ever lose ourselves in someone or a situation and want to reconnect with who we really are.


We also talk about:

  • Knowing when to leave and when to work on a relationship

  • How our triggers may affect other people

  • Finding forgiveness for yourself

  • Expectations versus reality (when someone shows you who they are, believe them!) 

  • Understanding pain, mobility, and breath


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