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360 | 5 Ways to Make Money Right Now
Episode 36014th December 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Some people think that the only way they can make money is through their job or business. While this is probably the way you’ll make the bulk of your income, there are always ways to make more money if you put your mind to it. This episode is all about easy and practical ways you can make more money right now

If you implement any of these tips, be sure to DM Cayla or tag her in a post on Instagram because she wants to see how you are making that money, honey! Remember, everyone starts somewhere and if you are just getting started, you might have to do ten different things to make more money. That’s okay. There are tons of ways to get creative!

You will learn:

  • [1:45] - Cayla sees that people who have financial freedom think differently about life.
  • [3:40] - One way to make extra money is through Social Retail.
  • [4:50] - You can't buy into your excuses. You have to buy into what you want.
  • [5:10] - Create your own product to sell.
  • [6:27] - DM Cayla if you need any ideas on some easy products to make to sell.
  • [7:01] - Another way to make quick money is to clean houses.
  • [9:36] - Offer your time or service. Cayla uses an example of holiday decor.
  • [12:59] - Sell what you are no longer using. There are sites like Poshmark and ThreadUp to sell your gently used items.
  • [14:09] - If you use any of these ideas, take a photo and tag Cayla on Instagram.

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