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When is it time to pivot in your business...and should you? With Cat Archer Underwood
Episode 3927th August 2021 • Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website Owners • Vicki Jakes
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Back in 2018, I knew I wanted to help teach small businesses and not build websites for a living, and I happened on a course that showed me how to create a course.

During that process met my friend Cat Archer Underwood, known back then as The Brandologist.

Cat was aiming to try and do the same mass reach of her branding services to small businesses and as I was with website owners and although have gone down slightly different paths, our big goals have remained the same of wanting to help educate.

However, over the past few years, we have both "pivoted" in our businesses.

In business-speak "pivot" often means to change the direction of a business when you realize what you're doing isn't meeting the needs of the market.

I stopped trying to push a marketing course I had my heart set on selling and Cat did the same as a branding consultant and become a course creator instead.

In this episode, we talk about what pivoting means to us and when it might be best to persevere rather than pivot in a business.

If you are wondering whether to continue down a particular path trying to reach a certain audience or pushing a certain product or service in your own business right now, this might be the conversation you need to hear!

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