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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 39, 3rd May 2021
Shifting Our Stories Through Plant Medicine with Todd Michael Roberts
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Shifting Our Stories Through Plant Medicine with Todd Michael Roberts

This week we have Todd Michael Roberts on the podcast!

Todd is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and outdoor athlete. His first contact with plant medicines began in 1994 and in early 2004 he attended his first Shipibo ayahuasca ceremony. In the following month he then attended his first Vipassana meditation course. These two modalities became the cornerstone of his journey of healing and profound learning. In 2006, Todd became a care provider for adults with developmental disabilities in his local community. After a major life shift in 2012, moved to the Peruvian Amazon to live and work closely with Shipibo and Mestizo curanderos. This began a five year period of communing deeply with sacred plant teachers of the Amazon basin. Utilizing this special opportunity with his mentors, he began to develop his own skills as a retreat and plant medicine ceremony facilitator for people from around the world who seek a greater connection to purpose, integrity and balance in their lives. Todd has been continuously dedicated to the ever evolving ways of the plant medicine path through over a decade of learning from ancient and modern practices of integration support, conscious communication and insight practices.

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In this episode, we discussed:

  • What is Ayahuasca and how did Todd start facilitating plant medicine?
  • What can be gained and experienced from ceremony? 
  • How plant medicine can change the way we see the world
  • How can we create a synergistic relationship with the Earth?
  • How Vipassana can work harmoniously with plant medicine work
  • Where do thoughts come from and how does language influence our thoughts
  • How to connect with Todd and Soltara Healing Center

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