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Tax Tips and Secrets for Consultants and Coaches
Episode 47715th July 2022 • Financial and Lifestyle Freedom for UK Business Owners • Annette Ferguson
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Could there be more things that you are not claiming as a tax relief, but should be? Definitely yes!

In this video Annette will walk you through several tax tip secrets for UK consultants and coaches. That means you pay less tax and you'll take home more of your income.  Listen carefully and start taking a stack of those things that can be deducted from your tax payments.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Tax Tip number 1 - Make sure to adhere to your deadlines
  • Tax Tip number 2 - Keep accurate bookkeeping records
  • Tax Tip number 3 - Make sure that you claim for allowances that you are entitled to.
  • Tax Tip number 4 - Use your capital gains allowance.
  • Tax Tip number 5 - If you have savings, use your I.S.A. allowance
  • Tax Tip number 6 - Use the dividend allowance including those of your family members.
  • Tax Tip number 7 - Payment into a registered pension scheme can be a tax relief.
  • Tax Tip number 8 - Consider employing a family member into the business..
  • Tax Tip number 9 - Include a claim for use of home as office or work-from-home allowance.
  • Tax Tip number 10 - Claim for travel expenses or allowance.
  • Tax Tip number 11 - Claim for Trivial Benefits or the tax-free gift if you are an employee of your own limited company.
  • Tax Tip number 12- Make sure to claim capital allowances on assets purchased for the business

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