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Any Regrets? ⠀ (The Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1)
Episode 129th August 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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"Farscape : The Peacekeeper Wars: Part 1

"“A soul patch leads the charge while our favourite dominar begins to enlarge. If they outnumber us ten to one then this shouldn't take long...” (thanks Mark Nixon!)

“The Cold War turns hot, we find out a method of getting pregnant that wasn't covered in sex education class and remind me, does John know how to make wormhole weapons?” (thanks Marky See!)

“Hey John, Are you having fun yet?

'Not Good's the best odds we ever get.

Crash-test dummies,

Narls in tummies,

First time's the worst 'Bigboy', Don't get upset!” (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)

“So we discover John Can’t make a Wormhole weapon, so I guess next episode starts the Lexx retrospective?” (thanks The Derp Prime!)"

First aired on Sunday, 17 October 2004, written by David Kemper & Rockne S. O'Bannon, and directed by Brian Henson"

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