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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 13, 2nd June 2021
Sex & Open Marriage-Wait, What?!

Sex & Open Marriage-Wait, What?!

S1: E13: Sex & Open Marriage-Wait, What?!


Join us as we discuss the bizarre, comedic history of sex beliefs and Beth reveals what it is like to evolve from traditional to open marriage.

Special Guest

Beth from Montana - Our girl next door in an open marriage.

Time Stamps


[01:30-Joystick Story Time]

[02:52-The Sexy Crazy]

[07:26-Hi I'm Beth]

[37:08 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Dildos are older than religion and civilization

*I want a hysterical paroxysm

*Freakiness sneaks up on you

*Vaginas get sad

*I will never see a unicorn the same way

*There are apps for this?

*There's rules in every game

*Communication is the key to your heaven whatever it is

*Is there an accepted time limit on how long to cuddle?

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Next Time...

Next Thursday we have special guest Deborah Driggs tell us about her journey from Playmate to Entrepreneurial powerhouse - don't mess with this formidable bunny.