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Responding to The Call with Emerald Peaceful GreenForest
Episode 913th April 2020 • Medicine Caller • Sophia Wise One
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Darlings. Let’s be real here. Are you hearing people anxiously trying to go back to the world we left behind? Are you seeing this mad scramble to get things back to normal and pretend this massive shift isn’t happening? As this week’s brilliant guest, Emerald Peaceful GreenForest, puts it, we are a bird hatching out of a thousand year old shell not yet knowing we can fly. We are the seeds that could only be germinated by a wildfire. The world that was–the corrupt money systems, the depleting health systems, the food that can’t nourish, the jobs that bring no income–are done with. And unless we can all admit that the world ended and is being reborn, this next chapter is going to be a really serious struggle. Sophia got a message in the very beginning of this global shift that while it may seem like this time is all about death, it’s about life. Death is all about life. The problems we are collectively facing may seem insurmountable, but each one of us is getting a different call to take care of just one small piece and together our pieces will bring whole-ing and healing to the planet. We got this.

This episode is fast paced and intense, but here are some highlights from this quantum leaping conversation:

  • Emerald talks about hearing your specific message and then acting on it. “Be present with what you are being called to do and fucking do it. Because it’s being present to that and doing it that will keep us untethered from that which is in disintegration.” -Emerald Peaceful GreenForest
  • This is a time where it is vital we all be practiced in manifesting. For those of you who have been practicing for years, congrats! Keep it up. For those who haven’t yet started practicing, don’t worry. Start small. Ask out loud to the universe for parking spaces when you need them. Ask for pennies from heaven and then look down, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your calls are answered (we recommend exercising caution when interacting with these pennies. Wash your hands and the pennies. Keep in mind the cross contamination they may cause on their way to the bath).

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“I am Sophia Wise One: Daughter of the Wind. I am calling you to Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up. Rise up and take your place.”

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