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Bonus Episode | Season 2 - Jack Cheng (Foxconn MIH, NIO) & Monika Mikac (QEV Tech, Rimac)
Bonus Episode24th August 2021 • Accelerated with Vitaly Golomb • Vitaly M. Golomb
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This bonus episode of Accelerated Podcast is a rebroadcast of a live East meets West event I moderated earlier in August. It was put on by DIGITIMES Asia and Anchor Taiwan

Asia Venturing is a series of monthly roundtables with roadmaps to the future focusing on the hype v.s. the reality of Asia's supply chain-boosted innovation ecosystem, jointly powered by DIGITIMES and Anchor Taiwan. They bring together leading industry luminaries, corporate strategists, experienced investors and entrepreneurs to expand your network and redefine the possibilities of cross-border opportunities.

I interviewed my friend and a friend of the podcast, Monika Mikac, the CBO of QEV Tech and member of the founding team at Rimac Automobili, maker of the now officially quickest production car in the world #Nevera.

The other guest is none other than automotive industry pioneer, Jack Cheng. He spent over 19 years at Ford, where he became Vice President of its China operations, and then served as Chairman and CEO of Magneti Marelli Asia Pacific and Chairman of Fiat and Fiat Finance China. He left to Co-Found NIO and then XPT, the provider of advanced technology components and solutions which are the “brain, heart, and soul” of NIO vehicles. In September of 2018, NIO began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, it has a Market Cap of $74B. In January of this year, Foxconn was able to convince Jack to come back to Taiwan to head up its MIH alliance, an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry. 

We covered a lot of ground on EV, autonomy, manufacturing supply chains, and much more... 

Asia Venturing video replay:

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