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Summer Well Series: Can Leaders Be Vulnerable?
Episode 27Bonus Episode1st September 2022 • Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders • Kishshana Palmer
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In This Episode . . . 

Kishshana zeros in on faux vulnerability versus real vulnerability and how that works for you as a leader. How do vulnerabilities from your life or previous work experiences carry over into your current work and your leadership? They show up in you being closed off, not allowing people and coworkers to get to know you, striving to achieve, and being extra hard on yourself and therefore on others. 

Have you asked yourself whether your faux vulnerability is preventing you from bringing a level of realness and openness to your leadership? And remember to pay attention to the fact that vulnerability goes two ways. How are you making space to be vulnerable? And how are you creating space for others to be vulnerable with you?

Episode Highlights:

  • (3:23) Summer well series powered by Bloomerang; 
  • (4:26) Faux vulnerability versus real vulnerability;  
  • (7:28) Examples of vulnerability;  
  • (10:40) How to be vulnerable as a leader;  
  • (12:44) Your leadership journey;  
  • (14:01) Can I actually be vulnerable;  
  • (15:30) Vulnerability goes two ways;

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