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What Did We Learn From the 60 Minutes Episode
Episode 3717th May 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca and Landon Brophy
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How did you feel about the 60 Minutes interview on LDS church finances that just aired? On this episode of Mormonish, Rebecca and Landon discuss the recent 60 Minutes segment featuring former Ensign Peak employee and whistleblower, David Neilsen's first ever on camer interview. We take a deep dive into the church's response to the accusation of misuse of funds, and dissect statements made by Bishop W. Chrisopher Wallen, who represented the LDS church in the segment. We also take an indepth look at response articles, podcasts, and the church's own statement following the interview. We especially pay attention to an article that came out on an apologist wevsite before the 60 Minutes interview even aired. Both Rebecca and Landon weigh in on the positive and negative take aways from the interview and talk about what a more positive future would look like in terms of church transparency and use of funds for charitable giving. We tried to keep our frustration to a minimum on air, but admit it was difficult. Let us know what you think of the 60 Minutes interview in the comments.

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