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18: Kate Maree O'Brien on Boundaries
24th January 2020 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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This episode features Kate Maree O’Brien, leadership expert. We talk all things boundaries – how to recognise when your boundaries are unclear or non-existent, what lies beneath that behaviour, and how to untangle yourself from that web. People pleasing leads to over-functioning, which in turn leads to under-functioning of those around you. Are you taking things on for other people that they really should be doing for themselves? Turn unspoken agreements into spoken boundaries. We train people how to treat us. Don’t be afraid to say “no” when you mean it, it won’t damage the relationship. Take some time to really understand your needs, and communicate them. Never “let this one slide” or say to yourself “just this once” – it’s a slippery slope! Remember your “why”!

Kate Maree O’Brien lives and breathes personal leadership. She’s the founder of SHE - Australasia’s largest women’s leadership and empowerment event – and over the last 15 years, has personally smashed through major glass ceilings – again and again and again, demonstrating all that she stands for in being able to rewrite our own futures. Kate was once addicted to drugs, anorexic and suffered from social anxiety. Nowadays she’s a highly regarded leadership coach, sought after speaker, and is well known for her down-to-earth teachings and bullshit free approach to creating breakthrough results.




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