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Escaping Reality: Is Kendrick Lamar Dead?
7th August 2022 • NOT DOING IT! • Nicholas Tyler
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EP1: In this episode, we discuss Kendrick Lamar and his battles with mental health.

Stress is toxic, we're Not Doing It! Welcome to Not Doing It, a podcast where we discuss music and other forms of creative expression that help us escape the stress of our everyday lives. Not Doing It is a movement to remove the things in our lives that bring us stress and don't positively serve our mental health and wellbeing. Instead, we will prioritize what makes us happy over everything else. On this show we will discuss the ways we temporarily escape the stress in our everyday lives but also how we are permanently changing our realities for good. So call off work, call off school, call off the rat race and let go of your troubles. Forget stress! Today we're Not Doing It!