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No. 057 How to Decide What Your Podcast Should Be About
4th May 2016 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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This is the first lesson in our three-part mini course about how to create a unique podcast that attracts and retains an audience. In this lesson, Jerod leads a discussion about the fundamental question that must be answered at the beginning of every showrunner’s journey.

And while it may not seem like it has much to do with creating a differentiated show, the reality is that it’s got almost everything to do with it.

This is the first D in Jerod’s 3-D philosophy for creating a unique podcast: Decide.

How do you decide what your podcast should be about? It’s a three-step process, and if you skip any steps, you may be killing your chances of ever truly connecting with an audience.

In addition, Jerod and Jonny provide two more podcast recommendations:

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