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The Result
Episode 711th October 2023 • Dzogchen Today! What is Dzogchen? • Dzogchen Today! Team
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In this seventh episode, Mila Khyentse Rinpoche and Grégoire Langouet present one of the central triptychs of Dzogchen teachings known as "Base, Path, and Fruition," with a focus on fruition, which is the outcome of the Dzogchen path. In this episode, we delve deeper into the definition of this 'fruition' and the concept of the 'vehicle of the result.' Additionally, we explore what happens to a master who has traversed the path and achieved the result, and how the realization manifests in her or his experience.

Host: Vincent

Recap and takeaways

“What is Dzogchen?" series, Episode 7: The Result

1.What is meant by "fruition "? What is achieved? Question:1’56 Answer: 2’04

2.The result is at the ground, is that why we traditionally say that Dzogchen is the vehicle of the result? And what does this mean concretely? What are the differences with other traditions? Question: 6’08 Answer: 6’18

3.Dzogchen masters talk about illusion, especially the illusion of existence or reality. Once the path has been traveled, once arrived at the result, at the fruition level, does this illusion disappear? Question:12’57 Answer: 13’00

4.How does this realization manifest in the practitioner's experience for the rest of this lifetime? What about his "death"? Question:18’36 Answer: 18’51