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Tess Burrows, Adventurer, Peace Activist, Author, Speaker In Conversation with Edx Education
Episode 5720th September 2022 • Play, Learn & Create with Edx Education • edxeducation
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Heather Welch, Edx Education will be in Conversation with Tess Burrows, adventurer, peace activist, author, speaker, healer, mother and grandmother. 

Tess is passionate about collecting messages from individuals and speaking them out from far high places - to help peace and harmony - already from the North and South Poles, Himalayas, Andes, Pacific and Africa. 

The most recent mission was cycling 600 miles to the UN COP26 summit in Glasgow for the Climate Crisis .

Today we are chatting with Tess about her books, adventures, importance of the peace messages, memorable adventures and speaking in schools 

Highlights from this episode:

(01:40) First Inspiration

(04:00) Tackling 6310 metres

(07:06) Tibet

(09:14) Youngsters' Awareness Of Important Issues

(13:17) The Books Tess Has Written

(17:35) The South Pole

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