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The Evolution of Incident Response
Episode 5012th April 2022 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Don’t Panic and Take a Deep Breath.

An Expert series podcast, this episode covers data breaches from three angles – legal, technology, and services.  Our host for this podcast is James Manari, a Vice President at Elevate, and our three industry experts introduce themselves at the beginning of the podcast.    

[00:47] Meet our guests: Melissa Ventrone, the Business Unit Leader for the Privacy and Cybersecurity team at Clark Hill; Adi Elliott, is the COO at Canopy Software; and Megan Silverman, is a Director in Elevate's Incident Response Practice.

[03:43] The evolution of incident response and where the industry is today. 

[04:53] There is a consumer expectation that if you hand your information over, a company will take the proper steps to protect it.

[07:38] Laws are struggling to keep up with technology and change.

[09:55] Lawmakers don’t necessarily understand the scope of what they're asking companies to do in response to these incidents. 

[13:56] Affected entities are surprised at the amount of data they have and what it contains. 

[17:05] Have a plan in place for what do we do when there is an incident, go on a data diet, understand where your information is, know your cyber insurance provider, know who your attorneys are going to be 

[21:34] While consumers are becoming desensitized to these incidents, legislation is continuing to drive tighter security controls, and regulations will continue to evolve.