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Learning to Lean Into the Competition
3rd May 2016 • Hack the Entrepreneur • Jon Nastor
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My guest today is a brilliant entrepreneur who has built, grown, and sold four impressive companies.

Over the past 20 years, he s been successfully leading teams and building products that have been used by tens of millions of people, and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

My guest has built and sold four companies:, Lookery, Ghostery, and Performable.

He is currently focused on his latest business Drift, where he and his team help businesses know, grow, and amaze their customers.

Now, let s hack …

David Cancel.

In this 46-minute episode David Cancel and I discuss:

  • Turning off your ego in order to be more open to learning and progressing
  • David s definition of entrepreneurship and how its meaning has changed
  • How David continued to grow during Performable s acquisition
  • Keeping your daily focus on accomplishing the tasks that will have the biggest effect on your company
  • Recognizing competition as a good thing and being an innovator versus an inventor in your market

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