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The Identity Project; a My Why Podcast - My Why Revolution EPISODE 8, 22nd April 2020
When Medicine Meets Humanity, an interview with Dr. Hassan Masri
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When Medicine Meets Humanity, an interview with Dr. Hassan Masri

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Our guest today is the one and only Dr. Hassan Masri. He is an Canadian and American Board certified ICU specialist and a PROUD Saskatchewan resident. Join us as we talk about everything from the Humboldt bus tragedy to the coronavirus. This is a cast YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS.

You can follow Dr. Hassan Masri on Instagram at @hassmaz

THEMES: The Humboldt Bronco bus tragedy, COVID-19, "The Vacuum" and more..

Introduction: Thank you to Jess Tetu and information on the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation. We want to send a big thank you to the The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation for sponsoring this episode! They would like to thank our local healthcare team who responded so quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local hospital leaders moved fast to secure life-saving supplies for our frontline staff and within days our hospital had a strong stock of life- saving supplies from the local community. This happened because of generous donors.

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3:26: Welcome Dr. Hassan Masri!

4:00: Why Medicine?

5:06: Mentorship and going the extra mile

5:22: Being beyond a "doctor"

5:50: Growing up and how the path started

6:16: When it clicked, the start of saving lives

6:31: "This is no joke. I just saved someones life."

7:10: Making a huge difference and no one knows... finding the meaning of it all

7:32: Being beyond just the doctor

9:55: Jessie's personal experience with Dr. Hassan's bed side manner

10:25: Pride in Saskatoon and in Saskatchewan

14:21: "I can't do anything if you don't trust me."

14:40: April 6, 2018 "changed the way I looked at Saskatchewan."

17:30: Entering the ICU before knowing about the Humboldt Bronco bus accident

18:00: Hoping this is a minor accident and no one is seriously injured... then news starts coming in about the severity of what happened. "This is more than what I ever wanted to sign up for."

21:00: Permission to share about his interactions over Bed 6 and "Logan"

23:00: The continuation of the "Logan Effect"

23:50: Team work

26:41: Delivering the news to Logan's parents...

27:35: Can we save other people

31:29: Surge in organ donations (70%)

31:40: "Logan saving more lives than I will in years!"

35:05: When emotions enter into medicine. Dr. Masri shares how his emotions and mental health are affected by his important work

40:35: Jokes, humour and its okay to have a sad day.

43:00: Listening to his patients... common-sense and thinking of hospital rooms as someones residence

Transitioning to COVID-19.

46:00: The words to describe everything we are going through right now. How this is going to be humbling. How things have evolved since first hearing about the virus.

48:10: FREE PRESS in a free society.

51:40: How serious is this virus?

51:51: Positives from tragedies...

54:27: What you are saying... MATTERS! Weak arguments...

58:07: Is Saskatchewan flattening the curve!? YES! WHY?

1:04:17: Why Dr. Hassan Masri isn't surprised about Saskatchewan flattening the curve. Pseudoscience and Government...

1:05:41: Holding Governments accountable, even if I don't like my enemy or my government... What is the fair and right thing to do? When does time and place come into this?

1:11:31: What does the virus look like for patients? The virus is brand new... What does that mean in terms of learning about it?

1:19:55: Myths and damaging beliefs about COVID-19... Holding your breath, garlic, and more...

1:20:40: Garlic myths!

1:24:07: Racial and hurtful stereotypes

1:26:55: Did you have COVID in fall of 2019?

1:30:30: Coles notes version of gloves, masks and beyond... recommendations are changing!

1:34:30: Respecting people in positions of power/education

1:36:55: "I believe in an educated society."

1:39:31: Anti malarial and medications

1:39:50: The Saskatchewan experiment...

1:40:17: Government updates

1:41:28: Thank you's and personal send offs to Dr. Masri. Follow @hassmaz on Instagram.

1:41:33: Coffee... Final words...