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Episode 21: What's your Personal Value Proposition? How do you communicate your value in today's job market?An Interview with John Tarnoff career coach and best selling author
Episode 2112th August 2020 • Career Move SECRETS with Tony Talbot • Tony Talbot
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What's your Personal Value Proposition?  How do you communicate your capabilities and value in today's job market?

In Episode 21 I Interview with John Tarnoff, career coach and best selling author.

John's excellent book is "Boomer reinvention": How to create your dream career over 50.

John had a fantastic career as a Hollywood studio executive and producer.

He worked for the likes of MGM , Columbia and Dreamworks. His credits include "Pink Floyd The Wall," "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", "Robo Cop" and "Kung-fu Panda".

After a dalliance in a start-up he fell foul of the bursting bubble in 2001 and found that Career transition gets tricky over fifty.

Ever since John has been on a mission to help the over 50's in todays job market.

John and I agree on quite a lot it turns out.

Namely that:

1: Hiring is broken (or at least very different) in the digital age.

2: To be competitive, you have to define your value proposition. It's no longer good enough to let your resume speak for you. 

You have to narrow down and find your niche. You have to be very clear on what it is exactly that you offer to an employer, client, or customer.

3: It's all about your network.