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Finding Purpose, Caring, And Building Trust
Episode 1627th April 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to reflect more on their lives, their relationships, how they spend their time, and finding purpose in their work. While everyone dealt with a massive amount of change throughout the pandemic, having to quickly pivot in their personal and professional lives, there could be even more change on the horizon as people begin looking for new opportunities to do more meaningful work that aligns with their purpose.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Dr. Robert Sicora to discuss finding purpose, cultivating a sense of care, and building trust. Robert is a leader in organizational development, the founder of Sicora Consulting, and the author of “Grab the Helm: Navigating with Purpose” giving him a ton of insight on finding purpose.

Act 1: Pivoting at the start of the pandemic

Robert’s background (1:28)

Robert shares some of his professional experience, including when he decided to start his own company.

Pivoting as the world shut down (3:01)

Down in Arizona for business when things started to shut down, things happened quick and forced a change of plans. Instead of being in meetings, the company he was meeting shut their doors and started working remotely, seeing Robert get on a plane and heading back to Minnesota.

Making the switch to remote work (4:52)

Quickly pivoting to the crisis was a great decision that saw the bulk of their clients pivot along with them. But with much to do, Robert explains where his attention went first.

How clients handled the pivot (6:04)

With clients concerned about the usefulness of collecting data during a pandemic, it turned out to be a great decision. As Robert notes, it’s always a good time to collect data.

Act 2: Navigating change successfully

Creating strategies (9:02)

Once the pandemic hit, timelines got shortened. Instead of looking months or even years down the line, organizations had to think in 30-day blocks.

Patterns of the successful companies (10:11)

As Robert saw during the pandemic, the successful companies checked in on their people, not just the work they were doing. Being authentic and having empathy were just some of the things he saw that built trust and softened the blows as they came.

Helm (12:55)

Jennifer and Robert talk about his book, “Helm” -- From how it came about to how it can help individuals navigate change.

Change after the pandemic (16:25)

With more time during the pandemic came more reflection. As people took the time to look at their lives, their relationships, and their work; they began to truly consider their purpose. That could lead to even bigger change once the pandemic is over.

Act 3: Finding purpose

Purpose, care, and trust (21:38)

Robert identifies the three pillars that are necessary at an organizational level to ensure people can find their purpose and follow their passions within the company.

Why it matters to the group (23:34)

As Robert details, navigating change and finding purpose doesn’t just matter to individuals but is vitally important to groups as well. A shared mission allows the people within an organization to see the whole picture easier, leading to improved results.

Biggest surprise (28:50)

When the pandemic hit, Robert found that people took one of three paths. Either they regressed, stayed stagnant, or leaned in and embraced the change that was coming. Robert was most surprised and moved by those that welcomed the opportunity to understand what others are going through and help them.

Act 4: Thriving, not just surviving

How to thrive (31:34)

Robert believes that nurturing and deepening relationships with clients and employees without making it about business and sales is what leaders and organizations need to be doing more of in order to thrive. 


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