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Road to Family Freedom - Neil and Brittany Henderson EPISODE 101, 26th April 2021
From Rentals and Flipping to Raw Land Success with Landon and Teria Harris
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From Rentals and Flipping to Raw Land Success with Landon and Teria Harris

Landon and Teria Harris started out rehabbing single-family homes. After a few successful projects, they realized it was not the direction they wanted. The amount of time, work, and capital was more than they wanted to manage. Their love of real estate led them to other investing opportunities. After hearing a podcast on vacant land sales, they immediately knew land investing was the right direction for them!

Their land business began in 2019 where they immediately set up structure, processes, and tools to build their land business. Within a few short months, their business soared! They were able to build a successful land business and replace Landon’s full-time job in the first year. 

In this episode, we talk to Landon and Teria about the challenges of rental property investing as well as house flipping, how that experience led them to invest in raw land, how they purchased 10 parcels for just $14,000 on their first deal, and the systems and processes they’ve set up to make their raw land business run as passively as possible.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Landon and Teria Harris got into real estate investing
  • How their experience with house flipping and single-family rentals led them to shift to raw land investing
  • How much it cost them to buy their first raw land deal
  • How much it costs to market for raw land
  • And much more!

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