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Trailer16th February 2024 • Health Marketing Collective • Inprela Communications
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Welcome to the Health Marketing Collective, where we’re tackling issues at the intersection of health marketing leadership and brand-building excellence. 

By bringing together top minds in marketing, we’re creating a space for candid conversations that have the power to shape the future of healthcare.

We believe storytelling can change the status quo–and we’ve seen it happen. 

I’m Sara Payne of Inprela Communications, a storytelling firm that builds campaigns that break through the noise, create movements, and establish brands as leading voices in the industry.

And we’re just getting started. 

The Health Marketing Collective aims to broaden the spotlight, highlighting great people who are leading truly life-changing, brand-building campaigns. 

I’m sharing the mic with thought leaders who are actively working to fulfill the health industry’s true potential.

Join me every other Wednesday for new episodes featuring prolific leaders and marketing experts, sharing their stories about building brands in the healthcare space and the powerful ways they’re driving companies forward.

I cannot wait to share these conversations with you. Thank you for being part of the Health Marketing Collective.




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