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Breaking Barriers in Real Estate with Christina Balas
Episode 583rd July 2024 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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On today’s episode of the Performance Mindset podcast, Amy interviews Christina Balas, Vice President of Servicing and Operations at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Christina is a fellow Power Beacon and a dynamic leader known for her strategic insight and commitment to driving growth and inclusion in the real estate industry. Christina is passionate about helping underrepresented populations thrive in real estate and is excited about how technology is revolutionizing the industry.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Christina Balas’s role at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and how she’s reimagining what the servicing experience means for their affiliates.
  2. The unique connection people have with the Better Homes and Gardens brand.
  3. How Christina is working to leverage some of the longtime data they have about their customers with the Better Homes and Gardens legacy brand.
  4. Some of the key strategies she’s implemented to support women in the real estate space.
  5. Her role as a Power Beacon and how Christina is helping women earn more money in the workforce.
  6. The confidence the Power Beacons have instilled in her, learning to quash self-limited beliefs, and building a network.
  7. Why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matters as much in real estate as in other industries.
  8. The evolution of technology and AI at Better Homes and Gardens and where Christina sees it going.
  9. Getting out of your comfort zone and how upcoming generations may use tech.
  10. Christina’s background and the two life experiences that shaped how she views the world.
  11. Her work’s impact on her leadership style.
  12. Christina Balas’s advice for women in real estate aspiring to leadership positions.

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